“I’ve dubbed Mel my unofficial life coach. I’ve had the pleasure of having a distant Reiki session with her (magical) as well as being part of her women’s coaching group. Because of her healthcare & fitness background, Mel is able to offer coaching that is science-based and sensible. Her approach is realistic and no nonsense. Quite simply- if you put the work in, you’ll get results. But you’ll get much more than that from Mel. Because she’s a healer. She’s honest, open and compassionate. Most of the time our wellness journey is about a lot more than what we eat. Or how many steps we take a day. It’s about the voices in our head and the habits we’ve created to hide wounds that exist from old traumas. Mel gets it. She’s lived it, healed it and will teach you tools for self awareness. If you’re ready for a whole body/mind/spirit wellness approach- something far beyond what you’ll find in a gym or boot camp class- you found her.” ~Melissa R


“I sought Mel’s services after I saw her post on fb. I felt safe because she is a friend and I was needing life guidance. I didn’t know it yet but I was stuck in a cycle of bad relationships and being afraid of being alone. Mel gave me guidance, life advice and intuitive advice as well as amazing reiki and energy. After a few months of processing I realized how much she really had helped. I am now experiencing the most profound self love I have ever seen let alone experienced. My own intuitive and medium journey took off after I learned to love myself and it brought my true friends closer. I am so grateful for Mel’s help. She even inspired me so much that I started learning reiki myself.” ~ Melissa M.


“When I saw that you were offering reiki services, I reached out because I was going through a particularly stressful and confusing time in my life. We had an amazing session that brought me much clarity and focus for my future. It helped me align my emotions, spirit, and mind. You also gave me skills to implement into moving forward into my life. It was an amazing experience! Your kindness, concern, intuition, and then genuine caring for me even enough to follow up a few times later, were all just wonderful! Thank you! I highly recommend!” ~Jessica H.


“I was drawn to work with Mel because her spirit is contagious, even if it is only through the world wide web…her energy is so healing & dynamic- time & space seem to elude her work. I received multiple distance reiki sessions over the course of about 6 months. I was really struggling in my marriage, starting a new business and failing to show up consistently as my authentic self. Mel’s support & gifts literally got me through weeks at a time when I felt I had NOTHING to give and a world of demands. I have no doubt the work we performed helped me to show up more consistently in self love for my higher best self. Mel saw me dancing and she would tell me I was already there, I could slow down on the work….a year later- I’m finally dancing & I’m finally slowing down and enjoying my life so fully in a time when the world seems to be falling apart around us. I truly believe Mel was able to tap into my authentic self and hold space for her return to me. One of my favorite parts of Mel’s work with my family was the distance energy work with my autistic 5 YO son. It was so enlightening & insightful at a time we really need insight and hope. Experiencing Mel’s work was also part of my decision to pursue energy work myself & to focus mainly on my children. This past year the gains we have experienced for both of my children because of Mel’s inspired energy work and my trainings is nothing short of miraculous.” ~Bridget E.