I fell over the weekend. The events leading up to the fall and the fall itself were so surreal I’ve been in awe and humbled since. In a matter of minutes I learned the lesson of how quickly life can drastically change. While I think we all know this and keep it in the back of our mind, when it is jarred from that tucked away safe place you find yourself holding tighter to that which matters most. Priorities quickly shake into place.

Thankfully, my injuries will heal. I experienced multiple lacerations on my face and a concussion. But I pray, oh how I pray, I don’t loosen my grip on the lessons I learned from this event.

Listen and look. Explore. Be curious. Be aware. The Universe is always speaking to us. I received so many spiritual messages leading up to the fall and since. We are truly supported. Live out loud. Take up space in this world. Right now. Don’t put it off. Take care of yourself. Seriously. Eat nutrient dense foods. Move. There is no doubt my healthy lifestyle aided in me not fracturing or breaking bones. Even the emergency room PA was shocked I didn’t have any facial bone fractures. My wounds are mending quickly and I know my diet and activity have contributed to this. Maybe one day I’ll post pictures but right now, we’ll, I’m just not ready.

Take breaks. It’s okay to rest. And when you do rest, rest in gratitude. Being in a position to not do much more than rest right now, I am keeping my vibration high with thoughts of all I am thankful for and healing energies. It’s good to slow down.

I have more to share but later….🧡 Right now I just thank you for reading this. Trust you were meant to. Save the lessons section and revisit it often