We have been in the place of transformation; the Underworld. The Shadowland. The place where we are called to be still and look deep within. Called to hold all the pieces of ourselves up to the light; looking, examining, reflecting. We have been called to see the beautiful. We have been called to see the dark sides, the parts of ourselves we have hidden and have been unwilling to accept. 

The dark surfaced, forcing us to peel back the layers and explore the origin of our projections. We have been in the fire of transformation. 

As we enter into September we may find we are to remain in the uncomfortable a little longer, we must continue sitting in this uncomfortable space doing the inner work. We are called to be diligent in our self discovery. We can find peace in this in between, as the embers start to cool and we wait to emerge. 

To My Beautiful Fellow Goddess:

September is when that which no longer serves you will begin to fall away. September is the time you take steps to reclaim your power and embrace your true Essence. A time you reconnect with your Inner Divine. You begin to see all you need you already have within. 

This is the time you start to show up for yourself. There is an awakening that is beginning to happen. You are no longer asleep. You begin to live in accordance with your inner truth. 

September is still a little messy but you are now able to be in the mess from a place of kindness and self compassion. As you transform self judgement falls away. 

As we prepare for the Full Moon, create a ritual to honor the place where you have been and the place where you are going. Honor your Goddess power within. This can be taking a bath with mineral salts and oils, standing barefoot under the moonlight, journaling all you are ready to release and holding a burning ceremony to welcome in new, dancing, doing create work such as painting or collage….Your ritual is yours and doing whatever promotes an embrace of your Whole Beautiful Being.