Image of sand from a zen garden


Reiki (Ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique that provides spiritually guided life energy to aid in stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. Reiki can be used in the workout setting paired with visualization and breathwork for better performance or delivered as a separate modality on its own. During private Reiki sessions or readings, I often pair healing sessions with shamanic and metaphysical energy methods, bringing you clarity and insight. Studies have shown that Reiki may help in pain reduction, healing, disease management and care.

Clearing and calming your Spirit connects you to your Higher Consciousness which can bring clarity, peace, and healing allowing you to move in a direction that benefits your highest self! Reiki sessions are provided in person or through distant treatments. Energy goes where intention flows so in person is not required. Receive monthly Reiki sessions and readings with a monthly membership to TrueU or schedule individual sessions on an as needed basis.