image of a lake with fall trees in the background with the words 'october energy update'

Release. Let Go. Let Go into Love. Focus and Love. Focus on Love. 

October 2020 brings us two full moons; tonight, we have the Full Harvest Moon and on October 31st we will have the Full Hunter’s Moon. This is a time to let go and release. This month opens wide the opportunity to cast off the yoke and break the cords that bind us. We cast aside all the has been hindering us and we step into our True Essence. We not only hear the whisper of our Soul’s Calling. We follow it.

There is a light in us and as we clear away the debris, we see it. 

There is Love in us. We accept it. We embrace it.

What we do not release will break and fall away. It is only a matter of time. We hold on so tightly out of fear. This month we begin to see clearly, allowing our light to shine on the darkness of fear, weakening the hold we had on it. Fear will diminish. Love will prevail!

The energy this month will be heavy and palpable. It will be easy to (re)ignite within us Fire so we must remain focused and grounded to Earth as we look ahead at the path cleared before us. Keep your feet on the path. Be laser focused on your vision for yourself, on your dreams. See yourself going in that direction and do not lose sight. Stay the course. Distractions will be plentiful. Prepare for them now. 

Collectively, we are called to love. Love is who we are. Love is what we teach. It is the one thing that will bring us together and see us through. Love will cast out the fear that has been driving us, individually and collectively. Love is our calling. It is our home. 

Some of us will reach this clearing sooner than others. We must show patience and compassion and continue to teach love.