Movement & Fitness Coaching:

I create personalized movement and exercise programs designed for improved energy, positivity, and longevity Your personalized program will be designed around your goals with mobility and intuitive design to keep you moving at your highest level! I work with all individuals seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle but my specialty is women 35 and older who are ready to cut through the bullshit, step into their goddess power, and create sustainable lifestyle change. It’s more than lifting weights to gain strength or lose weight. It is about learning what your body is telling you and moving in a way that promotes self-confidence and overall wellbeing. Customized programs are delivered digitally, in person, or a combination of both giving you a number of options that meets your needs.

Whether you are working out at home, never worked out before, or have access to gym equipment I design a workout plan that fits your needs! I also provide you a meal plan template so you can create your own meal design. This is a great visual tool to help you create healthy, balanced meals that will help propel you forward on your health & fitness journey!

Helping women age stronger!

Your body needs to move and feel good to vibrate at its highest level!