photo of preying mantis with the words 'slow down and listen to your inner guidance'

As I mentioned in my previous post, I received numerous spiritual messages surrounding my fall. The first was the baby praying mantis. 

Walking on the neighborhood streets with my husband Saturday morning, I spotted a baby praying mantis. No more than an inch long, on the asphalt. How I saw it and did not step on it I do not know other than to say I was meant to see it. I urged it into the grass and gave an “internal nod” to Spirit as my husband and I continued our walk. 

Once we arrived at the house I looked up the meaning of being visited by a praying mantis. I happened upon the words “bad omen” and decided not to entertain any negativity at all so I stopped reading. It wasn’t until after my fall I resumed the search. 

Seeing a praying mantis is a signal to slow down and listen to your inner guidance. The baby praying mantis represents mindfulness, patience, and urges you to calm the mind. It makes sense I received that message Saturday morning as I’ve been totally unfocused, jumping from one project to the next. Internal chaos. 

I’ve honored the praying mantis during this time of recovery through deep meditation and taking myself on healing shamanic journeys. I’m being intentional in calming my mind, not only for physical healing, but to go deeper within my spiritual and energetic healing and discovery. It’s been beautiful. 

Universe sends us messages. When we see something that gives us pause or wonder, when we feel a stirring within, it is Universe. All we need to do is be aware and in response give thanks.