About True U Health & Wellness by Mel

I am a healer, energy worker, and fitness enthusiast.

I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I am a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner. I am an Ordained Minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry.

I am a Goddess. So are you.

I believe change on the outside happens when you do the inner work. Breaking down the walls of self-limiting beliefs and preconditioning that has you swimming in lack of self-worth and negativity towards health & fitness is the sweet spot for creating lasting change. I blend the practical with the spiritual. My programs take an integrative approach towards whole health so you find self love and respect while having a tangible benchmark towards achieving your goals.

I believe in the power of the feminine. I believe in Goddess power. Spending years handing my power over to the feelings of self hate, confusion, and despair I found myself in a pattern of destructive behaviors: promiscuity, substance abuse, and binge eating. I believed the life I was living was handed to me and could not be changed. I felt stuck, hopeless, and my world looked incredibly dark. Then something changed and I walked away. I left the life I always knew and stepped into a world of the unknown. I took a chance on believing my intuition, that soft whisper deep in my soul saying, “There is more. I am more…”

It has been years of inner work, years of learning just how powerful we are and that we are co-creators of our life. I have brought my personal inner work and discoveries, my learning, and my passions to design TrueU Health & Wellness, LLC. This is a sacred space. A place of welcoming my fellow sisters into a new way of being. A place where we tear down walls and open up to expand into our worth.